Amplifon Worldwide

Amplifon Worldwide

Since 1950 Amplifon and its subsidiaries have been committed to helping people with hearing loss rediscover all the joy and fullness of living by guaranteeing complete satisfaction in all the different aspects of auditory communication that are part of everyday life.

Amplifon is a world leader in the distribution of hearing solutions and small hearing aids, a sector that still has enormous growth potential. The continuity and sustainability of this success is due to Amplifon’s position as a customer-focused company, its unique and innovative business model, its financial solidity, and its forward-looking expansion strategy which has allowed Amplifon to consolidate its international presence in 22 countries, becoming a leader in terms of volume, sales, distribution network and geographic presence.


Worldwide leader with 9% of global market share


€ 890.1 million revenue in 2014


2,100 direct points of sale


Present in 22 countries


3,200 shop-in-shop & corners


5,200 professionals worldwide

Amplifon in Egypt

Egypt is the only gateway to the middle east, due to its geopolitical, historical position and cultural weight among the Arab, Islamic and developing countries. It is a linking bridge for the flow of thoughts convergence of cultures and the interaction among human civilizations. 

When it comes to dealing with hearing impairment in Egypt, the problem is due to several factors among which are: high noise pollution, strong social stigma and lack of awareness. 

Amplifon believes that its role, as a committed global service provider, is strongly tied to an international development strategy and to standardizing services rendered for the rehabilitation of the hearing impaired persons worldwide.